What Will You Have To Do When You Are On A Bond?

When you are put on a bond, you are considered on legal restrictions and your rights and privileges are revoked.  In essence, they will have total control over your actions and your life.  If you fail to meet any conditions that they place on you, your bond can be revoked, and you can be taken directly to jail until your court date has come.

Bailbonds cleveland companies such as Chuck Brown II Bail Bonds may put certain conditions in place in order to receive their help with paying a bond so you can get out of jail.  Here are the most popular ones you may want to take into consideration.

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Periodic Check-ins

When on bond you will be monitored.  This monitoring process most likely will require you to check in on a specific basis as well as a random basis.  Typically, you will need to check in once a week and when they do, they may do a random drug check as well as other criteria.


You may be required to have a job or a specific job when on bond.  This will ensure that you are monitored and will have a steady income to pay fines that were issued by the court.  While employed, your payments will be automatically deducted from your paycheck to ensure that they are paid.  After your fines are paid, this money will stop being deducted.

Travel restrictions

You may be put on a travel restriction.  This may mean that you can’t leave the state or visit specific areas of the city.  If you travel to these areas or out of your restricted area you can be considered breaking your bond and could go to prison to await your trail.

These are just a few of the restrictions and conditions that you may need to look at and deal with when on bond.