Dental Implanting Procedures

Before getting a dental implant, you must be aware of the different options you have. Even though your dentist will walk you through the process, a little background study will help you be at peace.

Given below is some basic information regarding the different types of dental implants and implant procedures.

Dental Implants Types

You should know about the procedure of getting a dental implant in Fort Worth. There are only two types of dental implants you can choose from.

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·    Subperiosteal implants are the ones placed under the gum. They are either fixed on or right above the jawbone. Even though these implants are not popular, they are preferred by people who are unwilling to get bone augmentation implantation.

·    Endosteal implants are the ones placed in the jawbone. They are augmented into the jawbone like natural teeth are. These implants come in form of small screws that go inside a hole formed into your jawbone. They are preferred by most dentists due to the stability and strength they offer.

Dental Implantation Procedures

Some of the popular procedures that allow dental implantation are explained below.

·    A bone augmentation procedure is done to restructure your jawbone to hold an endosteal implant. This is the most popular yet very painful procedure.

·    If your natural jawbone has deteriorated due to missing teeth, you might want to get a sinus lift treatment. This treatment involves adding bone under your sinus to give it more shape and support.

·    If you need dental grafts but your jaw does not have enough space, you will need to get a ridge expansion treatment. This procedure involves adding bone over your jaw to add space for teeth.

Wrapping It Up

Well qualified dentists know how to make all these scary-sounding procedures seem like a piece of cake. With their right procedure, your dentist will restore your smile and help you get the most sturdy and natural implants.